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What Will I Learn?

Learn how to apply shortcuts and brushing to selected images

Discover how to work with images and different perspectives in imagery

Know how to modify details on a portrait, including skin and hair

Gain the ability to add watermarks and logos to still images

Explore ways of changing and manipulating text in a dynamic way

Understand how to reach new levels of creativity in visual design work

Course Overview

Learn how to use the industry-standard software, which has not only revolutionised raster graphics editing but digital art as a whole, when you take this Diploma in Adobe Photoshop course. This expertly written masterclass shows you how to use the application to work with pixel-based images for printing and photography, making sure your images are unique and eye-catching. Within a short space of time, you’ll never have to worry about a dull picture or blurry scenes ever again.

This Photoshop training delivers a total learning curve in nine informative content sections that use easy-to-follow steps to get the best results. You will be shown how to crop layers, modify text, shape contours, and much more.  The course provides a host of design suggestions and video tutorials to ensure that the visual aspects of the app are really emphasised. Enrol now and make sure your photoshop skills are second to none.

This best selling Diploma in Adobe Photoshop has been developed by industry professionals and has already been completed by hundreds of satisfied students. This in-depth Diploma in Adobe Photoshop is suitable for anyone who wants to build their professional skill set and improve their expert knowledge.

The Diploma in Adobe Photoshop is CPD-accredited, so you can be confident you’re completing a quality training course will boost your CV and enhance your career potential. The Diploma in Adobe Photoshop is made up of several information-packed modules which break down each topic into bite-sized chunks to ensure you understand and retain everything you learn.

After successfully completing the Diploma in Adobe Photoshop, you will be awarded a certificate of completion as proof of your new skills. If you are looking to pursue a new career and want to build your professional skills to excel in your chosen field, the certificate of completion from the Diploma in Adobe Photoshop will help you stand out from the crowd. You can also validate your certification on our website.

We know that you are busy and that time is precious, so we have designed the Diploma in Adobe Photoshop to be completed at your own pace, whether that’s part-time or full-time. Get full course access upon registration and access the course materials from anywhere in the world, at any time, from any internet-enabled device. 

Our experienced tutors are here to support you through the entire learning process and answer any queries you may have via email.


CPD Certification from Course Cloud

After successfully completing the course, you will be able to get the UK and internationally accepted certificate to share your achievement with potential employers or include it in your CV. The PDF Certificate + Transcript is available at £6.99 (Special Offer - 50% OFF). In addition, you can get a hard copy of your certificate for £12 (Shipping cost inside the UK is free, and outside the UK is £9.99).

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Shortcuts and the Brush
Introduction 00:01:00
Useful Shortcuts 00:02:00
Brush Properties 00:06:00
Section 02: Layers
Cropping 00:02:00
Make the Horizon Horizontal 00:01:00
Organise Highlights in Groups 00:02:00
Hidden Details in the Shadows 00:02:00
Make Corrections in the Perspective 00:01:00
Organise Layers in Groups 00:04:00
Working with Layers S2 00:05:00
Merging, Rasterising and Flattering Layer 00:04:00
Gradient Layer Mask 00:03:00
Combine Recordings with Layer Masks 00:03:00
Section 03: Modify Your Portrait
Eliminate Irregularities 00:06:00
Make Skin Smoother 00:02:00
Whiten Teeth 00:02:00
Clear Eyes 00:05:00
Update Body Contours 00:03:00
Make Irregularities Less Conspicuous 00:03:00
Section 04: Watermark and Figures
Place a Transparent Logo or Watermark 00:02:00
Change Colour 00:02:00
Cut out Figures and Release Them from the Background 00:13:00
Section 5: Modify Your Text
Add Text to a Photo 00:05:00
Place Text Blocks in an Image 00:01:00
Let Text Follow a Path 00:02:00
Display Photos in Letters 00:02:00
Text Warp and Twist 00:03:00
Character Styles and Paragraph Styles 00:05:00
Section 6: MP4 Videos Basic Training
Overview 00:02:00
Pricing and Licensing Options 00:02:00
Basic Files Types and Options 00:02:00
Working with the Interface 00:02:00
Working with Layers 00:03:00
Working with the Move 00:03:00
Working with Shapers 00:04:00
Working with the Marquee Tool 00:03:00
Working with the Paintbucket 00:03:00
Working with the Eraser Tool 00:03:00
Working with the Text Tool 00:04:00
Working with Images 00:03:00
Working with Sizing 00:03:00
Working with Transparent Layers 00:03:00
Using the Crop Tool 00:03:00
Working with Layer Styles 00:02:00
Working with Rotation of Images and Layers 00:03:00
Conclusion 00:01:00
Section 07: MP4 Videos Advanced
Overview 00:01:00
Having Graphic Designs Created 00:02:00
Making PSD Thumbnails Visible on Your PC 00:03:00
Creating A Simple Design – Part 1 00:05:00
Creating A Simple Design – Part 2 00:04:00
Changing the Background Image 00:03:00
Changing the Font or Text 00:02:00
Working with Photoshop Actions 00:02:00
Sources for Photoshop Actions 00:01:00
Selecting Photoshop Actions 00:02:00
Producing Photoshop Actions 00:05:00
Show Transform Controls 00:02:00
Producing Photoshop Actions Part 2 00:07:00
Creating a Multiple 3D Image Shot 00:04:00
Sizing of File Formats 00:01:00
Saving for Certain File Formats 00:02:00
Live Application 00:03:00
Live Application Part 2 00:02:00
Multiple Shot Live Application 00:03:00
Conclusion 00:01:00
Resource – Diploma in Adobe Photoshop 4 days, 14 hours
Assignment – Diploma in Adobe Photoshop 00:00:00


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