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Course Overview

A survey in the Uk shows that the total number of skills required for a single job has increased by 10% year-over-year since 2017. Furthermore, one in three skills in an average 2017 job posting are already obsolete. Due to ongoing business disruption and rapidly evolving needs, emerging skills gaps have accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And to help you bridge that gap, Course Cloud has prepared this comprehensive AWS Tutorial: AWS Solution Architect & SysOps Administrator! online course. AWS Tutorial: AWS Solution Architect & SysOps Administrator! covers a collection of necessary skills required to help you achieve your goals. In addition, our industry professionals will guide you through the process of establishing a solid foundation in AWS Tutorial: AWS Solution Architect & SysOps Administrator!

The AWS Tutorial: AWS Solution Architect & SysOps Administrator! course is broken down into manageable sections, each of which will provide you with a new level of expertise. Our exclusive training in AWS Tutorial: AWS Solution Architect & SysOps Administrator! will equip you with the skills required to set yourself up for career success.

The AWS Tutorial: AWS Solution Architect & SysOps Administrator! provides internationally accepted certification upon successful completion. This certificate will add value to your resume and let you stand out among your peers. So enrol now and work your way towards becoming a highly sought-after professional at AWS Tutorial: AWS Solution Architect & SysOps Administrator!.




After successfully completing the course, you will be able to get the UK and internationally accepted certificate to share your achievement with potential employers or include it in your CV. The PDF Certificate + Transcript is available at £6.99 (Special Offer - 50% OFF). In addition, you can get a hard copy of your certificate for £12 (Shipping cost inside the UK is free, and outside the UK is £9.99).

Course Curriculum

AWS Tutorial | Course Introduction
AWS Tutorial Introduction 00:02:00
What You Will Become 00:01:00
Cloud Computing Basics – Introducing IaaS, PaaS & SaaS Service Models
Cloud Computing Introduction 00:07:00
Cloud service models 00:10:00
Cloud Deployment Models 00:05:00
Pre-Requisites - Key Skills Required Before Get Started with AWS
Linux Basics 00:02:00
AWS Free Tier Account 00:01:00
Desire to adopt Cloud Model 00:01:00
AWS Global Infrastructure
AWS Regions 00:03:00
Availability Zones 00:06:00
EC2 Basics– Virtual Servers in AWS Cloud
What is Amazon EC2? 00:03:00
How to Create EC2 Instance – Linux 00:13:00
How to Create EC2 Instance – Windows 00:06:00
How to configure EC2 Instance? 00:15:00
Instance States 00:05:00
EC2 Instance Types 00:08:00
EC2 Pricing Models 00:17:00
Networking Basics – Basics of Network Topology and IP address classes
Know Networking Terms – IP, Port, Protocol, Service, Daemon 00:15:00
Apache HTTP Server 00:19:00
VPC – Configure Custom Virtual Private Cloud in the AWS Cloud
Build Your Own Datacenter 00:04:00
What is AWS VPC? 00:04:00
Create Custom VPC 00:07:00
Create Custom VPC – LAB 00:17:00
Private Subnet Vs Public Subnet 00:08:00
Private Subnet Vs Public Subnet – LAB 00:15:00
VPC Peering Connections 00:04:00
VPC Peering Connections – LAB 00:11:00
Network ACLs Vs Security Groups 00:09:00
Virtual Private Network (VPN) 00:03:00
EC2 Advanced – Virtual Servers in AWS Cloud
EC2 Instance Meta Data 00:03:00
How to Manage Instance Settings 00:07:00
BootStrap EC2 instances 00:05:00
AMI – Create, Copy & Manage Permissions 00:10:00
EC2 Placement Groups 00:05:00
Public IP Vs. Elastic IP 00:03:00
EC2 Summary 00:05:00
EBS Volumes – Block Level Storage in the AWS Cloud
Introduction to Elastic Block Store – EBS 00:06:00
Instance Store Volumes 00:06:00
EBS Snapshots 00:03:00
Cloud Watch Basics – Monitor AWS Resources & Applications Performance
Cloud Watch Metrics 00:04:00
Cloud Watch Dashboards 00:03:00
Cloud Watch Alarms 00:05:00
Simple Notification Service
SNS Introduction 00:03:00
Create Topic & Subscriptions to the Topic 00:03:00
Cloud Watch Alarms – LAB 00:11:00
Certificate Manager - Provision, Manage & Deploy SSL/TLS Certificates
Data Encryption Introduction & Types 00:04:00
Create SSL/TLS Certificates – LAB 00:05:00
Route 53 – Scalable DNS and Domain Registration
What is Route 53? | How DNS works? 00:06:00
How to Create Hosted Zone 00:07:00
DNS Record Types 00:07:00
Route53 Health Checks 00:03:00
Load Balancing – High Availability Solution for the Applications & Servers
High Availability & Load Balancer – Architecture 00:16:00
Classic Load Balancer 00:08:00
Application Load Balancer 00:15:00
Network Load Balancer 00:06:00
Auto Scaling – Scale EC2 instances Proportion to Application Load
What is Auto Scaling? 00:08:00
Auto Scaling Group – Architecture 00:08:00
Auto Scaling Group with ELB Association 00:08:00
Create launch Configuration 00:03:00
Create Auto Scaling group 00:16:00
S3 – Scalable Object Storage in the AWS Cloud
What is S3? 00:08:00
Create First S3 Bucket 00:03:00
Create First S3 Object 00:04:00
S3 Storage Classes 00:06:00
S3 Versioning 00:10:00
S3 Life Cycle Management 00:08:00
IAM – Manage User Access and Encryption Keys
What is IAM ? | IAM Architecture 00:12:00
IAM User, IAM Group – LAB 00:11:00
IAM Policy – LAB 00:07:00
IAM Role – LAB 00:04:00
S3 Cross-Region Replication – LAB 00:10:00
IAM MFA & Security Best Practices 00:07:00
AWS CLI – Manage AWS Services & Resources through AWS CLI
How to Install AWS CLI on Windows Systems 00:05:00
How to Install AWS CLI on Linux 00:03:00
Explore AWS CLI Real-time Use Cases 00:07:00
Key Management Service – Generate & Manage AWS Encryption Keys
KMS Architecture 00:05:00
Key Management Service(LAB) 00:05:00
EBS Volume Encryption 00:02:00
S3 Encryption 00:02:00
EFS – Managed Network File Storage for EC2
EFS Architecture 00:04:00
Create EFS 00:05:00
Mount on EC2 Instances 00:04:00
S3 Glacier – Data Archival Solution in the AWS Cloud
What is S3 Glacier? 00:02:00
Create Vault 00:02:00
Retrieval Policies 00:03:00
Cloud Watch Advanced – Monitor AWS Resources & Applications Performance
Cloud Watch Logs 00:13:00
Cloud Watch Custom Metrics 00:04:00
Cloud Watch Events 00:07:00
Cloud Front – Global Content Delivery Network
Cloud Front Architecture 00:05:00
Create Cloud Front Distribution – LAB 00:05:00
Cloud Trail – Track IAM user activity & API Usage
What is Cloud Trail 00:02:00
Create Trail – LAB 00:05:00
Lambda – Run Code without Thinking About Code | Serverless Architecture
What is AWS Lambda? 00:06:00
Getting started with AWS Lambda – LAB 00:08:00
RDS Introduction 00:05:00
Get started with RDS – LAB 00:07:00
Create DynamoDB Table 00:02:00
API Gateway – Build, Deploy & Manage APIs
API Gateway Architecture 00:06:00
Create an API – LAB 00:06:00
API Gateway Realtime Use Case 00:03:00
Elastic Beanstalk
What is Elastic Beanstalk? 00:06:00
Create a web app – LAB 00:06:00
Cloud Formation – Create & Manager resources with Cloud Formation Templates
What is Cloud Formation? 00:06:00
Create Stack – LAB 00:11:00
Cloud Formation Designer – LAB 00:07:00
Systems Manager – Session Manager, Run Command, Parameter Store, Patch Manager
What is a Systems Manager? 00:09:00
Session Manager 00:03:00
Run Command 00:06:00
Patch Manager 00:03:00
Secrets Manager – Rotate, Manage & Retrieve Secret through their life cycle
What is Secrets Manager? 00:03:00
Store a new secret in Secrets Manager – LAB 00:03:00
Secrets Manager Use Cases 00:02:00
Inspector – Analyze Application Security & Report
Inspector Architecture 00:05:00
Inspector Install Run Analyze – LAB 00:06:00
LightSail – Launch & Manage Virtual Private Servers
LightSail Architecture 00:05:00
Get Started with LightSail! 00:04:00
AWS Limitations
AWS Free Tier Limitations 00:04:00
AWS Service Limits 00:04:00
AWS Cost Explorer
What is AWS Cost Explorer? How to Analyze Cost Report? 00:04:00
AWS Support
AWS Support Plans 00:04:00
How to raise support tickets with AWS? 00:03:00
AWS Trusted Advisor
What is AWS Trusted Advisor? 00:06:00
AWS Project – Realtime 3-Tier Architecture
AWS Project – 3-Tier Architecture Deep Drive 00:11:00


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