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Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

Online learning is the next generation of learning method. Instead of attending classes, facing traffic, you can enjoy your course from your comfort zone. Due to its flexible nature and new comfort way of learning, the online platform is becoming famous. In 2016 online course enrolment was 11%, which was only 4% in 2007. In 2017 more than 6 million students enrol in the online courses. The number is growing higher day by day.

But when it comes to choosing a course for yourself, you undoubtedly get selective. Learning is an investment. Not just your money, you are investing your time too. If you don’t choose the right platform for yourself, chances are your investment could go in vain. So, before jumping, it is wise to know which one suits you best. Read this article to choose an ideal platform for you.

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What Is Online Learning

Online learning is a new form of education. In simple words, it is a teaching and learning process that takes place online. It is also known as e-learning or distance learning. In online learning, instructors first record their lecture, upload it on the learning platform, and then students enrol the course. Since the lectures are recorded, students can learn anytime, anywhere, even from their most comfortable bed. Unlike classroom learning, online learning is mostly free from the distractions, and lectures are concise and practical.

What is Classroom Learning

It is the most traditional learning process. In this process, learners and instructors gather in a pre-defined area. The student actively participates in classroom learning. The instructor provides instant feedback or answers to the student’s questions if they have any. This traditional learning promotes clear ideas and collaboration and socialization. Unlike online learning, every student and teacher has to physically present in classroom learning.

Classroom learning is Ideal For you If

Let’s find out why Classroom Learning would be ideal for you!

You are not Tech-Savvy

If you are not comfortable with technology, like the mobile, laptops, and the digital medium, you should choose classroom learning. E-learning is entirely based on digital equipment. So, if you are not good at those, then classroom learning is ideal for you.

You Love Socializing

In the traditional learning method, students and the teacher have to be physically present in the classroom. This opens a room for socializing. You can interact with your fellows and network with them. In the online platform, you can hardly socialize with the people. Though some course providers provide a student discussion forum with those, who are not highly effective like classroom learning, so if you love to socialize, then choose traditional learning methods.

You Learn More in Face to Face Session

If you learn more in the face to face session, get more insights from the instant feedback, learn from the physical interaction from the lecturer, then tradition learning is perfect for you. In online learning, you can ask a question, but you may not get an instant answer from the lecturer. The instructor often answers queries through email or from the learning platform. Some providers offer 24/7 online support but not face to face interaction. If all these make you uncomfortable, then choose the traditional classroom learning method. This is ideal for you.

Online Learning is Ideal For your If

Now let’s see why Online Learning would be ideal for you!

You Love Flexible Schedule

If you love freedom, if effective learning means a flexible schedule for you, then you should consider online learning. In online learning, you can choose your own schedule. The lectures are all recorded, so you need not be physically present; rather, you can access them anytime. You have complete freedom to decide when you want to learn and when not. Even at midnight from your bedroom, you can access the class. In short, you can learn whenever you want. There is no restriction on online learning. You can learn it anytime.

You Want to Save Your Money

Online saves lots of money. Since you access the course online, you can save the money from the conveyance. You can skip buying course materials and resources too since most of the online learning platform provides online course materials which save money. However, when you can skip the conveyance, you can skip the related cost with the commute that includes parking cost, maintenance cost, and fuel cost. So, you can save a lot of money if you choose online learning. 

You Hate Distraction During Training Session

In the traditional learning process, the student interacts directly with the teacher. This is a face to face interaction with the teacher and the students. Sometimes, such interaction results in distraction in the class. It hampers the concentration on the topic and kills valuable time too. Besides, side-talk and noise sometimes distract the students and the teacher too. These are the elements that you can not control in the classroom learning. If you are one of those who hate such distractions, then online learning is a must for you. Online learning doesn’t come with the distraction and noise. The lecture used to be recorded, and students accessed them in a comfortable time. So, you will never face distraction, noise while learning online. Yes, you can still ask a question to your instructor through email and messaging. Some course providers also provide 24/7 online support.

You Love to Learn from Your Comfort Zone

Who doesn’t love comfort? If you are the one, who loves to learn from while lying on your most favourite couch, or lying on the bed, or just love to learn from your comfortable bedroom, then online learning is perfect for you. For online learning, you need a laptop or a mobile phone. You can watch a lecture from anywhere you want. It can be your favourite couch, most comfortable bed or anywhere you love to. You need not sit at a stretch for an hour. You can pause the lecture and switch your place anytime you want. You can learn from your comfort zone if you choose an online platform.

You are Busy

If you have a busy schedule, then online learning is a must for you. With your busy schedule, it often becomes tough to attend class on time. Even after your office or your important meeting, concentrating on the lecture might be too tough for you. With online learning, you can learn when you are not busy and have time to invest in online training. It can be your spare time when you are stuck in the traffic or on your weekend. No matter how busy you can balance it perfectly and gain a new skill that boosts your career.  

You are Tech Savvy

When you are learning online, you are exposed to the technology. You have to use a laptop or mobile. You have to use emails, and you have to communicate with your lecturer using the digital platform, and so on. If you are comfortable with these elements, then online learning is ideal for you.

You don’t want to miss your lecture

Yes, nobody wants to, but in classroom learning, you may miss one or two lectures. The situation becomes worse when you find yourself nowhere about the topic after missing a single lecture. As a result, it becomes tough to keep pace with the rest of the class. In online learning, there is no chance of missing a single lecture. All lectures are recorded, so you can access them anytime. So, you will never be trackless if you choose online learning.

How to Enrol Online Course

The process is very easy. You have to find a reputed online course provider. Check out their courses, check the details of the course if you find any of them perfectly matched with your needs then enrol it online. You can start learning from day one. CourseCloud is a renowned online course provider. It has bunches, of course, to choose between and provide accredited certification with 24/7 online support. CourseCloud’s courses are easy to follow, accessible, and affordable. Enrol online courses now !!

So, what do you think? Are you an online learner or a classroom learner? Which one sounds good to you? Let us know in the comment below.

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October 26, 2023

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