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What Will I Learn?

How to tackle Geometry

How to find out Areas

Mensuration of 2-dimensional figures

Learn the Concept of Unit Digit

How to solve Simplification Problems

Simplification using Digital Sum

Time and Work

Pipes and Cisterns

Speed, Distance and Time

Boats and Streams


Word Problems

Course Overview

Do you find mathematics hard? Worry not, enrol in this course today and learn amazing tricks that will help you nail competitive mathematics exams.

Quick Maths Tricks for Competitive Exams is a best-selling course developed by industry experts and already it has helped tons of students like you. It is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to do better in mathematics exams.

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This Quick Maths Tricks for Competitive Exams will teach you how to solve several different types of math problems like geometry, area calculation, simplification, percentage, speed, distance, time and many more. You will learn from an expert instructor through carefully curated video lessons. 

Not only that, but our experienced tutors will also help you throughout the comprehensive syllabus of this course and answer all your queries through email.

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Our Quick Maths Tricks for Competitive Exams is packed with 94 modules and takes 17 hours, 2 minutes to study. 

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Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:02:00
Lines and Angles (Basics) 00:07:00
Parallel lines (Basics) 00:06:00
Practice Problems 1 (Lines and Angles) 00:06:00
Triangles (Basics) 00:11:00
Practice Problems 2 (angle sum and exterior angle Property) 00:10:00
Pythagoras Theorem 00:13:00
Inequalities in Triangles 00:06:00
Sine and Cosine Rule 00:12:00
Median, Altitude, Angle bisector 00:06:00
Practice Problems 3 00:11:00
Properties of Medians 00:09:00
Practice Problems 4 00:07:00
Properties of Equilateral Triangles 00:04:00
Some special Quadrilaterals 00:08:00
Polygons-interior angles, diagonals etc. 00:08:00
Angle Bisector Theorem 00:07:00
Congruent Triangles 00:06:00
Similar Triangles 00:14:00
Practice Problems 5 00:10:00
Circle 00:10:00
Cyclic Quadrilateral _ Tangent to circle 00:07:00
Areas of Parallelogram & Triangle 1 00:10:00
Areas of Parallelogram _ Triangle 2 00:10:00
Practice Problems based on Areas 1 00:05:00
Practice Problems based on Areas 2 00:12:00
Mensuration of 2 dimensional figures
Mensuration Formulae 00:07:00
Practice problems on 2-d figures 00:11:00
Assignment (Video) on 2 – d figure 00:02:00
Areas related to the circle 00:05:00
Practice questions on areas related to circle 00:10:00
Practice Test (Check your knowledge of Geometry)
Practice Test (Geometry) 00:02:00
Concept of Unit Digit
Lecture 32 What is Unit Digit? 00:40:00
How to find unit digit of numbers with exponents 00:10:00
Practice Problems based on Unit Digit 00:08:00
Simplification Problems-1
Simplifications based on Percentages 00:11:00
Simplification based on Exponents 00:12:00
Fastest method of finding square roots 00:12:00
Fastest method of finding cube roots 00:03:00
Simplification based on square and cube roots 00:16:00
Lecture 40 Simplification Problems 00:50:00
Crack Simplification Problems-2
Lecture 41 Simplification Problems Type 1 00:10:00
Simplification problems Type 1 00:08:00
Simplification problems Type 2 00:08:00
Simplification problems Type 3 00:08:00
Simplification problems Type 4 00:07:00
Finding smallest and greatest from difficult exponents 00:08:00
Simplification using Digital sum
What is Digital Sum 00:05:00
Lecture 44 What is Digital Sum? 00:10:00
How to Apply Digital Sum Technique in Different Operations 00:14:00
Simplification Problems using Digital Sum -1 00:07:00
Simplification Problems using Digital Sum -2 00:06:00
Time and Work
Lecture 49 Simplification Problems using Digital Sum -2 00:06:00
Lecture 50 Resources Download 1 00:55:00
Problems based on Persons, Days, Work and Hours 00:12:00
Shortcut Formulas for Most Common Problems 00:11:00
Problems based on Two Persons 00:06:00
Problems based on Three Persons 00:10:00
Based on Efficiency 00:13:00
Complex Problems on Efficiency 00:10:00
Fraction of Work 00:07:00
Leaving and Joining 1 00:06:00
Men, Women and Boys 00:05:00
Work and Wages 00:11:00
Pipes and Cisterns
Lecture 62 Resources Download 1 00:25:00
Basics of Pipes and Cisterns 00:06:00
Pipes and Cisterns – Type 1 00:07:00
Pipes and Cisterns – Type 2 00:04:00
Pipes and Cisterns – Type 3 00:07:00
Pipes and Cisterns – Type 4 00:06:00
Pipes and Cisterns – Type 5 00:05:00
Speed , Distance and Time
Lecture 69 Speed, Distance and Time Resources Download 00:40:00
Basic Concepts and Simple Problems 00:10:00
Problems Based on Average Speed 00:07:00
Problems of Finding Distance 00:13:00
Practice Problems 1 00:10:00
Practice Problems 2 00:08:00
Practice Problems 3 00:07:00
Boats and Streams
Lecture 76 Boats and Streams 00:30:00
Basics of Boats and Streams 00:10:00
Finding Speed of Boat or Stream 00:13:00
Problems Based on Finding Distance 00:06:00
Latest Problems on Boat and Cisterns 00:11:00
Percentage Basics 1 00:10:00
Percentage Basics 2 00:04:00
Fractional Values of Percentages 00:09:00
Lecture 84 Simplification using Fractional Values of Percentages -1 00:06:00
Simplification Problems of Percentage 2 00:05:00
Lecture 86 Article for Resources 00:30:00
Word Problems
Lecture 87 Problems Based on Marks in Examination 00:15:00
Problems Based on Price and Quantity 1 00:08:00
Problems Based on Price and Quantity 2 00:08:00
Lecture 90 Word Problems Based on Income 00:08:00
Lecture 91 Resources for the Section ‘Word Problems’ 00:35:00


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