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Course Overview

This 5-in-1 Photography Masterclass is all you need to create your masterpiece. This bundle course is offering courses on all the sectors of photography. Here you will learn the fundamentals of camera settings, proper use of aperture and exposure, dynamic range, and many more advanced photography skills. This 5-in-1 package is designed with individual courses on different photography genres like landscape photography, street photography, and wedding photography. From this masterclass, you will be able to acquire a diverse range of photography skills. Photography Masterclass course is the perfect bundle to become an expert in the field of photography. Enrol today if you wish to chase your dream of becoming an excellent photographer.


  1. Digital Photography for Beginners
  2. HDR Photography Course
  3. Landscape Photography Diploma Course
  4. Diploma in Street Photography
  5. Complete Guide to Wedding Photography


From The Digital Photography for Beginners You be able to:

  • You will learn how to use the manual settings on your camera to properly expose a photo.
  • You will learn basic composition rules that will automatically improve your photography.
  • You will learn what aperture is, and how to use it creatively.

From The HDR Photography Course, You Will Learn to:

  • What “dynamic range” is in an image and how to overcome your digital camera’s limitations in creating representations of demanding scenes
  • The best way to take advantage of camera’s overexposure warning feature
  • How to take a properly exposed sequence of digital images for an HDR merge

From The Landscape Photography Diploma Course, You Will Learn:

  • Learn how to take beautiful landscape photographs like the pros
  • Produce more satisfying shots than ever before
  • Familiarise with the equipment you need to shoot great landscape photos

From The Diploma in Street Photography Course You Will Learn:

  • Understand what is street photography
  • Learn the basic settings
  • Familiarise with the equipment

From The Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Wedding Photography Course You Will Learn:

  • Managing the day
  • What equipment to use and how to use it
  • Posing large and small groups

This 5-in-1 Bundle: Photography Masterclass is a best-selling course bundle developed by industry experts and it has already helped tons of students like you. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in the relevant sectors.

The 5 courses that are in this bundle are specifically designed to provide you with deep practical knowledge of Photography Masterclass. All of this combined is the perfect recipe for anyone looking to become a skilled professional in the business world.

This course is accredited by CPD, so you will get a career boost upon completing this course. Our Photography Masterclass- 5 in 1 Bundle is packed with several easy-to-understand information-rich modules.

After completing the course you will be awarded a certificate of completion, proof of your expertise in this field. If you want to get a job or looking for professional skills to excel in this field, a certificate from this course will help you appear as a strong candidate. You can also validate your certification from our website.

We know that you are busy and your time is very important, so to make our learners feel at ease we have designed this course for any type of student and you can complete it at your own pace. The course materials are accessible from any place, from any device, and at any time.

And lastly, our experienced tutors will help you throughout the comprehensive syllabus of this course and answer all your queries through email.


After successfully completing the course, you will be able to get the UK and internationally accepted certificate to share your achievement with potential employers or include it in your CV. The PDF Certificate + Transcript is available at £6.99 (Special Offer - 50% OFF). In addition, you can get a hard copy of your certificate for £12 (Shipping cost inside the UK is free, and outside the UK is £9.99).

Course Curriculum

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