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What Will I Learn?

You will learn how to use the manual settings on your camera to properly expose a photo.

You will learn basic composition rules that will automatically improve your photography.

You will learn what aperture is, and how to use it creatively.

You will learn what shutter speed is, and how to prevent common beginner mistakes.

You will learn what ISO is, and how to prevent ‘noisy’ photos.

You will learn about the different photo settings and resolutions.

You will understand the basic settings and rules that all pro photographers once learned.

Course Overview

Learn how to become a professional photographer with this Digital Photography for Beginners course. Upon completion, you will know how to take stunning photos.

You will learn the key foundations of photography including various camera settings such as photo resolution, shutter speeds and more.

Taking beautiful images could not be easier, with this course. You will learn how to creatively use aperture, different shutter speeds, lighting and filters to take the best photos. This course is great for anyone at any level who is interested in learning photography. Learn how to take high–quality professional photos today.

Digital Photography for Beginners is a best selling course developed by industry experts and already helped tons of students like you. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in the or relevant sector. 

This course is accredited by CPD, so you will get a career boost upon completing this course. Our Digital Photography for Beginners is packed with 13 modules and 48 minutes of study. You will be awarded with a certificate of completion, the proof of your expertise in this field. If you want to get a job or looking for professional skills to excel in this field, a certificate from this course will help you appear as a strong candidate. You can also validate your certification from our website.

It doesn’t matter if you are willing to study full-time or part-time. This course is designed for any type of student and you can even complete it at your own pace. The materials are accessible from anyplace, any device and anytime. 

Besides that, our experienced tutors will help you throughout the comprehensive syllabus of this course and answer all your queries through email.



After successfully completing the course, you will be able to get the UK and internationally accepted certificate to share your achievement with potential employers or include it in your CV. The PDF Certificate + Transcript is available at £6.99 (Special Offer - 50% OFF). In addition, you can get a hard copy of your certificate for £12 (Shipping cost inside the UK is free, and outside the UK is £9.99).

Course Curriculum

Photography for Beginners
Intro FREE 00:01:00
How Does a Camera Work FREE 00:03:00
Aperture 00:07:00
Shutter Speed 00:06:00
ISO 00:04:00
Exposure Triangle 00:05:00
Lights & Filters 00:03:00
White Blance 00:03:00
File Types 00:04:00
Photo Resolution & Quality 00:04:00
Composition 00:06:00
Conclusion 00:02:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00


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