• Project Management Fundamentals
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    What Will I Learn?

    Outline characteristics of a project

    Create a project schedule, communication plan, and a final report

    Describe skills of a project manager

    Course Overview

    A survey in the Uk shows that the total number of skills required for a single job has increased by 10% year-over-year since 2017. Furthermore, one in three skills in an average 2017 job posting are already obsolete. Due to ongoing business disruption and rapidly evolving needs, emerging skills gaps have accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    And to help you bridge that gap, Course Cloud has prepared this comprehensive Project Management Fundamentals online course. Project Management Fundamentals covers a collection of necessary skills required to help you achieve your goals. In addition, our industry professionals will guide you through the process of establishing a solid foundation in Project Management Fundamentals

    The Project Management Fundamentals course is broken down into manageable sections, each of which will provide you with a new level of expertise. Our exclusive training in Project Management Fundamentals will equip you with the skills required to set yourself up for career success.

    The Project Management Fundamentals provides internationally accepted certification upon successful completion. This certificate will add value to your resume and let you stand out among your peers. So enrol now and work your way towards becoming a highly sought-after professional at Project Management Fundamentals.

    Course Content

    Module 1: Identify Characteristics of a Project
    Module 2: Project Management Life Cycle
    Module 3: Skills of a Project Manager, Part 1
    Module 4: Skills of a Project Manager, Part 2
    Module 5: Determining the Scope of a Project, Part 1
    Module 6: Determining the Scope of a Project, Part 2
    Module 7: Project Teams
    Module 8: Identifying Risk
    Module 9: Work Breakdown Structure
    Module 10: Sequencing Activities
    Module 11: Create a Project Schedule, Part 1
    Module 12: Create a Project Schedule, Part 2
    Module 13: Determine Project Cost
    Module 14: Analyzing Risk to a Project
    Module 15: Create a Communications Plan
    Module 16: Change Control
    Module 17: Begin Project Work
    Module 18: Execute the Project Plan
    Module 19: Tracking Project Progress, Part 1
    Module 20: Tracking Project Progress, Part 2
    Module 21: Reporting Performance
    Module 22: Implement Change Control
    Module 23: Project Closeout Process
    Module 24: Creating a Final Report